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Yakou Tenma

An Artistic Angel

14 July 1980
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[[Background info for the character of Yakou Tenma]]

Yakou and his twin brother Gekkou were two orphaned children who were adopted by Pegasus J. Crawford for their remarkable skill at gaming. Gekkou was particularly talented, earning high praise from his new "brother" and intense jealousy from his twin. Yakou has always attempted to compensate for a lack in skill by attempting to excel in everything he believes will win Pegasus's love and approval - even if it means dabbling in magic. He sees himself as owing everything to Pegasus, and responds by idol-worshipping him and letting his life revolve around doing whatever he thinks Pegasus wants. Without the guidance of his "master, teacher, and family" he feels cut adrift, uncertain of his purpose in life. Despite his success in running his part of I2 Corp. and an impressive track record in dueling, he still feels there is something missing in his life, traveled to Domino to seek answers from the only authority he knows.

Once in Domino, Yakou made several drastic changes in his life, including the acquisition of a magazine called Your Move!. He's also found love with Siegfried von Schroider, and the two of them are currently living together in a recently acquired house.